Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my back hurt during pregnancy?
During pregnancy, hormonal changes cause ligaments to soften. This causes joints to become more mobile, especially those around the pelvis and lower back. When you combine this with the expected weight gain it can cause lower back pain. Tiredness or lack of energy is common in pregnancy. This can affect posture and the desire to exercise. Slouching can contribute to low back pain as can a lack of physical fitness.

Is it common to experience back pain while I am pregnant?
Due to the physical and hormonal changes your body will go through, it is very common to experience back pain during pregnancy.

How will physiotherapy help me?
Your fully qualified and experienced physiotherapist will do a comprehensive assessment to diagnose the cause of your back pain. From their assessment, your physiotherapist will determine what treatment will work best for you. The aim of the treatment intervention is to provide you with pain relief and ensure you are able to function more comfortably.

What will my treatment consist of?
Treatment may consist of but is not limited to, massage, gentle mobilisation, exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor, abdominal and deep back muscle exercises, fitting you with a support brace, and giving you advice to help you manage your pain.

Will the treatment hurt?
The treatment techniques your physiotherapist will use to treat your back pain will be designed to ensure they don't cause you any additional pain.

When should I make an appointment to see a physiotherapist?
You should see a physiotherapist sooner rather than later as early intervention will ensure your pain is correctly diagnosed. It is also important to start treatment early on so that your condition doesn't get worse and lead to other problems.