Feel the Stretch

A gentle stretching routine can help you reconnect with your hardworking body and ease tensions common to motherhood.

OHbaby! fitness expert Renee Vincent explains how.

During pregnancy, your posture and movement altered completely. And after birth, they changed again. Your new role as a mum may be exciting, and you may nd plenty of joy in caring for your new baby, but you’ll probably also and that your new ‘job’ is very physically demanding.

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The Best Medicine

In the Winter OHbaby! Renee writes about Exercise during pregnancy and why it is the best medicine.

If a friend told you about an inexpensive wonder drug that adds years to your life, prevents and treats dozens of diseases and even improves your quality of life, I’m sure you would be keen to know more about it. You might wonder what the catch is, only to be amazed to find out that this drug has very few negative side effects when taken in the correct dose.

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While you weren’t sleeping

Some parents are wide awake at night, even when their children are peacefully sleeping. Physiotherapist Renee Vincent explains why cleaning up our sleep hygiene is a helpful and healthy idea.

As any parent knows, sleep is a cherished and sought-after commodity. Post-birth, you very quickly find yourself on a quest to understand your child’s sleep needs and how to guide them into healthy sleep habits – so they thrive and you stay sane. Infant and child sleep is the subject of many articles and, when

my son was competing for the title of world’s worst sleeping baby, I remember devouring any information I could get my hands on. What was less talked about, I discovered, was how parents recover from these months or years of sleep deprivation and how they can restore their own good sleep habits. Continue reading “While you weren’t sleeping”

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